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Welcome to Racines/Ratschings in South Tyrol

The Alphotel Tyrol’s idyllic location

Nestled in the magical landscape of Racines/Ratschings in South Tyrol, the Alphotel Tyrol is situated very close to the pulse of natural life, very close to mountain adventures, very close to unspoilt South Tyrol. Our guests quite rightly call the Alphotel Tyrol  in Racines/Ratschings in South Tyrol a little bit of paradise in the mountains.

Racines/Ratschings in South Tyrol exudes a pure love of life and typical South Tyrolean sincerity. Your journey leads past rustic farms and stunning hamlets, pastures and fields, which rest protected by the Stubai and Sarntal Alps and immediately exude a feeling of security and being welcome.

Our hotel is situated in the middle of this magical, idyllic countryside and is at the same time an oasis of tranquility and the perfect starting point for all kinds of activities. Just a few 100 metres separate our hotel from the Racines/Ratschings-Giovo/Jaufen adventure skiing area and your summery hikes into the South Tyrolean mountains start right in front of the hotel in Racines/Ratschings. Numerous other adventures await young and old explorers in Racines/Ratschings and the surrounding area!

By the way: Racines/Ratschings in South Tyrol is one of the 27 holiday resorts with the “Alpine Pearls” award and therefore stands for green mobility, environmental protection and sustainable holidays.

Between the Gilfenklamm gorge, mining and castles

Exciting holiday experiences in Racines/Ratschings and surrounding area

Discover the natural spectacle of the Gilfenklamm gorge, the mining museum in Ridanna/Ridnaun, the baroque Castel/Schloss Wolfsthurn near Vitipeno/Sterzing and much more. Racines/Ratschings and surrounding area offer a range of highlights!

Gilfenklamm gorge 

Walkways and bridges lead past roaring waterfalls and white marble through the impressive Gilfenklamm gorge. Young and old visitors are amazed in Europe’s only marble gorge. Breathtaking views down and magical views into the gorge are guaranteed from May to November.

Ridanna/Ridnaun Schneeberg mining museum 

The Ridanna/Ridnaun Schneeberg mining museum gives you an exciting insight into the world of mining from long ago. You are given an impression of the miners’ life and work underground by means of the old well-preserved machinery and tools, which are still fully functional and are partly used on the guided tours.

The three most popular tours are: 

  • The Compact Schneeberg: For all newcomers who want to be whisked away to the world of mining on a 1.5 hour tour
  • The Schneeberg Adventure Shift: An insight into everyday life in the mine – during a 7-hour tour you get a feel for the tough life underground; note: climbing is involved
  • The Junior Schneeberg: Kids set off on an exciting excursion for 2-3 hours and learn more about

Castel/Schloss Wolfsthurn in Mareta/Mareit 

The best preserved baroque castle in Racines/Ratschings-Mareta/Mareit near Vitipeno/Sterzing houses the South Tyrolean National Museum for Hunting and Fishing and opens its doors from 1 April to 15 November. It is considered to be one of the most stunning castles in Tyrol – you can view the originally furnished stately rooms and historical collections. The “Woods and Water” themed trail that leads to the castle fascinates both the young and old!

Burkhardklamm gorge 

This gorge located in Ridanna/Ridnaun has a stunning panoramic trail that leads through it to rewarding destinations. Several viewing points along the trail magically reveal unforgettable images and you can get an idea of the natural force of water from here too.

Maddalena/St. Magdalena Miners’ Chapel 

The chapel from 1480 is situated in a secluded location on the edge of the forest and is considered to be an artistic and historical gem in Racines/Ratschings. The winged altar from Matthias Stöberl is definitely worth taking a look at, this is possible from May to October.

Reifenstein Castle 

The Reifenstein knight’s castle, which is one of South Tyrol’s best preserved fortresses, towers in Campo di Trens/Freienfeld near Vitipeno/Sterzing. It has never been conquered or plundered and therefore still offers its visitors today fantastic insight into life back then: among others the keep, Great Hall, Green Hall, torture chamber and civil court tell you all about this.

You can find more sights in South Tyrol in our day trip tips!

Vitipeno/Sterzing, Bolzano/Bozen, Merano/Meran ... – a journey through South Tyrol

The towns well worth seeing in South Tyrol

Besides the towns Vitipeno/Sterzing, Bressanone/Brixen, Brunico/Bruneck, Bolzano/Bozen and Merano/Meran with their numerous sights the Dolomites are definitely one of the most impressive hot spots in South Tyrol. Set off on a journey through South Tyrol! 

What you must have seen on your holiday in South Tyrol

Vitipeno/Sterzing and the Torre delle dodici/Zwölferturm 

This Vitipeno/Sterzing landmark originates from the 15th century, it’s the highest building in Vitipeno/Sterzing and links the old town to the new town today. The tower in the historical town centre can be visited from the end of November to the start of January during the Christmas Market.
Distance: 10 km

Neustift monastery near Bressanone/Brixen 

The Augustinian Abbey in Neustift is one of the most beautiful monasteries in South Tyrol and it is possible to visit it. Eras in art history have left behind their traces on the walls – the abbey church, cloister, art gallery and library attest to its eventful history. Highly recommended: the abbey garden and vineyard that belongs to the abbey plus winery.
Distance: 40 km

Ripa in Brunico/Bruneck 

Ripa is one of the six Messner Mountain Museums that are all worth seeing, where the mountaineering pioneer Reinhold Messner tells his story and that of Alpinism in a whole variety of ways. The Ripa museum is housed in Castello di Brunico/Schloss Bruneck and is dedicated to the topic of mountain folks. Messner’s latest work, the MMM Corones, is not far away on the Plan de Corones/Kronplatz’ peak.
Distance: 60 km

Archaeology Museum in Bolzano/Bozen 

The archaeology museum with the sensational discovery of Ötzi, the glacier mummy from the Stone Ages, is located in the heart of Bolzano/Bozen old town. History, research and development are prepared and presented in a particularly thrilling way here.
Distance: 75 km

The Dolomites – a wonder of nature 

The Dolomites, the imposing mountains in the heart of South Tyrol, were selected as a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2009 as a result of their unique beauty. The vast mountain pastures and rugged rocks are fascinating – a day trip is definitely worth it!
Distance: 80 km

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle in Merano/Meran 

The botanical Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle are one of the highlights in South Tyrol. Exotic garden landscapes have been created here all over the world tanks to the extremely favourable climate in Merano/Meran. Various interactive stations await visitors where they can find out more about the flora in a unique way. Open from April to November.
Distance: 110 km (over the Passo di Monte Giovo/Jaufenpass 60 km)